Turkish eye Face mask Mask On Etsy

Elastic rings to wrap around the ears to get protected link

Pleated covering which corrects based upon dimensions of confront

Machine-washable in warm water, maybe dried and weathered.

These products are all created to be printed and ordered to the very highest standards out there. They Don’t contain vases, like rhinestones or glitter.

Lay cotton cloth face-mask using embellishment of the material patch to enhance its look. This mask offers a particular face/mouth defense also aids lessen the inhale of impurities in the atmosphere while breathing. This mask may be cleaned and reused, and it is appropriate for everyday use, both inside and external. It’s one size that fits most adults. To Boost the mask, you may tie elastic on-ear loops. As a result of sanitary utilization, the item isn’t eligible for just about any reunite or even exchange. These Turkish eye are intended or designed to mitigate, avoid, cure, identify, or expel any illness or health state. 

The services and products must not function as a replacement conventional and approved personal safety gear. These masks are both reusable and washable. Wash gently by hand in water and detergent. Usually, do not scrub from the washer or tumble dry. To keep up cleanliness, clean before use.